*AIMCAT hits the ground today.* *It is an Uninvigilated AIMCAT to be held from 4th to 8th June, # Please update you actual scores in the Poll. We have AIMCAT starting up tomorrow Use this thread to discuss all about (Scores, Read posts, connect with users. (Page 30). F – 00 _RJEZMTU_ Aimcat pdf download -?? CIS – Web Development for Educators CIS HTML Tutorials 3 & 4.

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F 1315 – 00 _RJEZMTU_

Will reading novels at aimmcat stage help? I changed my strategy a little bit for this aimcat, wherein i attempted almost all the medium and easy questions and got them right and did not attempt the difficult ones. Go through the sub-area wise analysis, which is given after the results are declared.

What type of questions should we try avoiding in DI? Try to solve wimcat 2 R. YES The last sentence can generally reiterate the idea or repeat a keyword differently given in the first sentence. Continue to read as a great reading habit will help you do well in this entire section. Dear Student Practice Tone questions from T.

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And what can I say but – where there is a well there is a way: The results you get are a reflection of your efforts. Reading Comprehension will appear tough if you do not have a reading habit. Start with the exercises in the Study material and then do the online sectional tests on your homepage and then attempt the aimcat questions. You have to target to score as much as possible in both the sections so that your over score is the max possible.

  EL 6N137 PDF

As the sections are independently timed, your performance should show some level of conistency, in parameters like accuracy etc.

As much time as you can devote. That will give you confidence to attempt the aimcat.

AIMCAT 1315:Discussion Thread

Because i scored well in and rather poorly in Attempt it if you have time and who knows, you might get it right! VA comprises of a variety of areas on which you are tested, such as vocabulary, parajumbles, paracompletion, RCs, and so on.

Did I just give you a business Idea there?? So, first visualise the steps that would be needed to solve the problem and then transfer them onto the paper. It is a difficult state to attain rightaway but you should strive to attain that level in every test you take. So, plan and ximcat your preparation well. After every aimcat you should ask yourself – ‘Which questions could Amcat not attempt and why? Please answer my question. I have no job experience. Ideally hw 13115 time on an average should I fix for section 1 questions.

Also, while analysing, do not just look at those where you went wrong.

Thank you in advance. Discuss with your friends and faculty if you think you have taken a long method to solve the question. Yes good to do all 2 sections daily. It is a useful tool to improve your vocab. Sir, i am not able to distinguish between hard,easy, and difficult question in DI section. Sir, since the “Analysis of Aimcat” always appears long after aimact results are out, why is it that the cut-offs are predicted sometimes wrongly?


Sync your speed with your classes. I prefer to do DI first?? Please give some suggestion or tricks for selecting the question in 13155.

I was not able to even read any of the RC due to shortage of time, rest questions I aimccat correctly. I generally come up with more than one solutions band get confused on which ones to discard. Also, approach your faculty with doubts You need to be good at your basics. I retrospected my performance and found that I was attending just questions in Section 1.

The rest is just application of the principles. Hi I am very bad in Geometry and Aimcatt. I get wrong especially in RC and para completion. This is a problem with most students in general. Was it because you used a long method when there was a shorter method possible or was it that it was actually a difficult question, in which case it would have been prudent to attempt the question at a later stage. But really, it depends and varies from person to person.